Hi there! So today was day one of this cooking adventure and I decided to start things off with a new recipe- orange knots, using a recipe apparently based on one from Better Homes and Gardens.

And so it begins

Honestly, I didn’t have super high expectations going into this, given that I’m not a super huge fan of orange in pastries, but the recipe was really easy to follow and smelled delicious the whole way through. I started out by mixing yeast and flour, combining milk, sugar, salt, and butter in a saucepan, adding them together with orange juice and peel and letting everything rise for a while. Then, it was just really a matter of shaping the knots and baking them! They’re topped with just an orange juice/powdered sugar glaze.

Took 3 hours, but they’re finally done!

The final product was super light and airy. They’re kind of like a sweet roll with a hint of that orange flavor. I’m actually really into them. They made the whole house smell like a bakery and look gorgeous and shiny. Everyone in my family seemed to enjoy them, so I think day one was a success!

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I’ll be back tomorrow with day two!