Hotel breakfast was delicious. I got mocha, chocolate pastries, and a bing cherry tart.   

Here, I have steamed rice, bacon, and a Chinese sticky rice.  

 And finally, some mint tea, grapefruit and toast, but this photographed best.  

 We traveled down to Oiso to visit some friends, navigating the railways for the first time. To celebrate the 4th of July, our friend grilled up some flank steak, veggies, and homemade boudin sausage, a mixture of pork, liver, and rice. 

Lastly, we got hungry on the long way back, so we stopped in a food court at Tokyo Station. The selection of cakes and bento boxes was overwhelming, but we settled on a box of pork dumplings and a couple of pork buns, followed by the best vanilla soft-serve I’ve ever had.  


It was a delicious day, but I’m missing my kitchen right now