We started the morning with some pastries. I elected for a sugar-coated, cream-filled, doughnut-like creation, which tasted more like dessert than breakfast, but I wasn’t arguing.  


Then, we went to see Fushimi Inari shrine, stopping afterward for yakisoba and other snacks from street vendors to make up our lunch, including a juiced orange, served inside its peel.  

It was so hot today. I don’t think an orange has ever tasted better. 

Next, we stopped for kakigori, or shaved ice, from a shop by the temple. I chose strawberry, topped with condensed milk, which was the prettiest shade of pink and very refreshing in the heat.  

 Later, after a train ride back into Tokyo, we went for tonkatsu, breaded and fried pork, at a restaurant near Meguro Station calls Tonki.  This place was so neat. It had a huge open kitchen surrounded by a bar that served as the primary seating. Since the menu is really only one item long, the kitchen functioned as an elaborate, ever-moving assembly line, fascinating to watch. The meat, either lean or “with some fat”, was served with miso soup, and endless rice and cabbage slaw, as well as Japanese style pickles. 

We’re getting neat to the end of our journey. We head back home in about two and a half days, and I’ll be back to my normal cooking. I’ll be really sad to go, but I think I’m ready to go home.