Tonight’s my last night in Japan. We leave tomorrow afternoon to head back to Texas. I’m going to miss this country and everything I’ve seen here, but I am a little excited to get home and get back to cooking, hopefully applying some of the flavored and techniques I’ve experienced on my trip. 

The last few days have been a little slower. Yesterday, we ate at some of the same restaurants we’ve eaten at before- a return visit to Harajuku for more gyoza and some pastries from the train station. 

Today, we just had some fruit in our hotel room for breakfast, but stopped for lunch in the train station in Ueno on our way to the National Museum. We went to a little place called C’s Cafe. I got a really cute little cheese pizza, which was surprisingly good. It tasted really fresh and had a great crust.  

We decided to make our last dinner a little more Japanese than pizza- we stopped for udon around Meguro station. It felt like just the right way to finish off our trip. 

As we waited for the hotel shuttle bus, we picked up some last minute treats for the night.  

    It’s been an amazing trip and I’m so grateful and feel so lucky for the chance to experience Japan.  I’ll be back in a day or two when we’re back home and I’m back to cooking!