Today’s recipe was kind of an experiment. I’ve made so many pasta sauces over the years, standing over the stove and carefully mixing together vegetables in a too-small saucepan. Today, I wanted a break. So I grabbed our Crock Pot and some veggies and started chopping. Basically, I just put all of my ingredients into the pot and cooked it on the lower temperature setting for 6 hours, stirring occasionally and serving over pasta after a quick run-through with my immersion blender. And you know what? It turned out just as well, if not better, than my old recipes, as the long, slow cooking let the flavors of all of the vegetables meld together. 

I prepped: 4 cloves minced garlic, 2 stalks of chopped celery, 1 sliced carrot, and 2 diced onions. Once those were in the pot, I added 1 tsp of basil, some red pepper flakes, oregano, salt, black pepper, about 1 and a half tablespoons of olive oil, 6 oz of tomato paste, and 48 oz of canned tomatoes. I used my basil oil and salt from a few weeks back to spice things up a little more.

Over the next six hours, I stirred my sauce whenever I passed through the room and added extra salt and red pepper flakes as I saw fit. As dinner time approached, I decided to go for a smooth rather than chunky sauce, although either option is great. I just used my immersion blender to blend to the consistency I wanted and served the sauce over spaghetti.  


This dinner was so satisfying and took minimal effort- perfect for a busy day when you want come home to a rich, warm, home-cooked meal.