The Liebster Award is an award that is given by bloggers to other bloggers. It’s passed from person to person to encourage connection and support within the blogging community and to aid in the discovery of new and upcoming bloggers.

I’ve only been on WordPress for about a month and a half, but I’ve found the community to be so supportive. I’d like to give a major thanks to both Bec of What’s Bec Cooking and Cher of In the Food Lab for the nominations!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog.
  2. Nominate 5 – 11 bloggers with fewer than 500 followers.
  3. Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

I’m not sure how many followers everyone has, but I’d like to nominate:

cyber-veggie: I’ve really enjoyed seeing this blogger’s take on vegan living and watching them grow!

foodblogging1point0: These recipes all look so delicious! I can’t wait to see more!

Artisanal Amy: Amy’s photos look amazing! Her food looks beautiful!

Diaries of a Recovering Diet Addict: Chelsey’s been super supportive and her posts are so thoughtful and inspiring.

Love the Little Bakery: I think Hannah’s been nominated for this before, but I’ve loved seeing her recipes and wonderful pictures pop up on my reader. She definitely deserves even more followers!

Now on to answers:

First, I’ll answer Bec’s questions:

  1. What’s been your proudest moment in life?- My proudest moment so far has probably been starting this blog, actually. I’d been toying with the idea of it for a long time and I’m still very proud of myself for finally starting it and continuing on with it regularly.
  2. What would be your dream job?- Currently, my dream job would probably be going in to something with foreign affairs- maybe being a diplomat or ambassador to somewhere exciting. This blog’s actually made me consider if I should follow my passion into cooking.
  3. What’s your worst cooking disaster in the kitchen?- Hmm, I don’t think I’ve had too many terrible disasters. Maybe the first time I made handmade pasta? I don’t have a pasta maker, so I cut my noodles by hand. They ended up kind of doughy and thick and misshapen, which was super disappointing.
  4. What do you love about blogging?- I love being able to see other like-minded people working with the things they love and sharing it with the world. I love having a platform to showcase what I’m up to.
  5. What do you dislike about blogging?- The classic. Time. I wish I had way more free time to devote both to cooking and to making my blog posts the best quality they could be. If I could, I’d love to play more with my blog layout and with the quality of my photographs.
  6. What could you not live without?- I couldn’t live without tea probably. I definitely struggle to keep my water intake high enough, but I love tea, which really helps. It’s kind of embarrassing, but we probably have 15 different boxes of tea in our pantry right now. Even in the summer, I drink a few cups a day.
  7. If you were a superhero, what would be your super power? :)- I’d probably like the ability to stop time the best. I’m pretty good at making the most out of limited time and that would only take it to the next level. 🙂
  8. What’s your fondest childhood memory?- I actually spent my earliest years growing up in Cairo, Egypt. Some of my happiest and oldest memories revolve around camping trips in the desert and sunbathing at Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea.
  9. What’s your favourite food?- I’m a sucker for dumplings, especially a good gyoza. We had some of the best I’ve ever had while in Japan last month and I still dream about it.
  10. What’s your favourite recipe?- I love making pecan pie. It’s my great-grandmother’s recipe and it’s so satisfying to make. I’ll probably do a blog post on it as we get into fall.
  11. Who’s your hero?- Definitely my mom. She’s supported me through starting this blog like she does in everything. She’s so wonderful and inspiring.

On to Cher’s questions:

1. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?- Probably binge-watching America’s Next Top Model for hours with my little sister. What can I say? We love it.
2. What’s your biggest pet peeve?- People putting things away in the wrong spot. It drives me crazy to search for something, only to find it somewhere it definitely shouldn’t be!
3. What was the last thing you ate?- The last slice of my red velvet cake from a few days ago!
4. Did you ever regret starting a blog?- Not often, actually. There’s been a few times when it gets really late and I still need to cook or get a blog post up that I feel exasperated and ask myself why I’m doing this, but I love it. I’m really glad I started.
5. Are you usually late, early, or right on time?- I’m generally early. I hate making other people wait on me.
6. Sweet or savory?- Savory for sure. I crave salt sometimes. I’m almost always going to choice chips over a cookie.
7. What’s your best recipe? Something you totally kick butt at.- Probably pasta sauce. I love freestyling a pasta sauce and can whip up something pretty great out of whatever we have on hand.
8. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?- I went outside to walk my dogs just a few hours ago! It probably wasn’t a great idea, really. We’ve had some massive thunder and lightning this evening, but the dogs needed to go outside.
9. How many languages do you know?- I’m only completely fluent in English, but I’m getting pretty close to fluency in Spanish. I also studied some very basic Mandarin a few years ago while living in Canada.
10. Do you have any pets?- Yep! Full-time, we have a border collie named Izzy. She’s super sweet, soft, and mellow. Currently, we’ve been looking after my uncle’s puppy, Roux. She’s teething right now, which isn’t too much fun, but she’s so adorable and cuddly when she wants to be.
11. What’s the best thing about blogging?- I love looking through my own blog to see how far I’ve come since I started. It really fills me with a sense of accomplishment, which is something I would never trade away.

My questions to all I’ve tagged:

  1. What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
  2. Tea or coffee?
  3. What’s your favorite book?
  4. If you could master any recipe, what would it be?
  5. Who’s your favorite celebrity?
  6. What brought you to WordPress?
  7. What’s your favorite fruit?
  8. If you could time travel, when would you go?
  9. What’s your favorite part of the day?
  10. What’s your dream for the future?
  11. What makes you happiest in the world?

Thank you again for the nominations! I can’t wait to read the responses to my questions!