We had kind of a lazy morning, but I met up with grandparents at New Orleans Food & Spirits. I just got a burger and fries, but my mom got a fried crab po-boy.  

  For dessert, we had to stop at Sucre on Magazine St.  I got nectar cream and confetti cupcake gelato, which were super good and super pretty. My mom got almond and mint  the color combos were so satisfying and they tasted even better.  

My sister got one of their special sundaes, complete with gelato, cake, fruit, whipped cream, and a macaron on top.  


Other pretty desserts we tried included their lemon meringue tart, topped with edible glitter. It was perfectly sour and sweet and the crust was delicious.  


I couldn’t leave town without beignets though. So, we made a late night call to the 24 hour Morning Call in City Park. I love City Park, especially at night. There’s something so special and alive about it, no matter what time.  


What can I even say about beignets? If there’s a better, sweeter way to end a trip, I’ve yet to find it. It was the perfect way to spend a late Sunday night.