The trick to a great grilled cheese is some customization. I prepped grilled cheese sandwiches for my family on the fresh bread from yesterday’s post and made them to request. 

Variations included: 

  • Just cheddar cheese
  • Cheese and tomatoes
  • Cheese, tomatoes and bacon
  • Bacon and pickles

I love how versatile the grilled cheese is. My personal method is to heat up a large pat of butter in a huge skillet or griddle. Once melted, add two slices of bread to the pan side by side. Once browned on one side, flip and apply cheese and toppings to each side. When slightly melted, throw the two slices together and cook for a few seconds longer on each side as needed. Also, definitely add more butter as needed to get that golden crunchy crust on the whole thing. Then, just plate, cut, and serve!